It all started when a serious accident diminished significantly my ability to practice competitive sports. During most of my life, sport have been part of my existence, and I have experimented a little bit of several sports: soccer, tenis, rugby, bodyboard, running, kickboxing, swimming, squash, scuba diving, karate, spear fishing, surfing, skimming, snow boarding, skating, among other sports.

I have never excelled in any sport, besides a couple of trophies earned as a child at an amateur level, but I was always eager for healthy competition with my friends.

Whenever travelling, attending a sport event is allways on my agenda. Some interesting experiences abroad include attending a football match in Mozambique, basquetball and baseball in the US, football in Brazil, rugby in Samoa, australian football in Australia, muay-thay in Thailand, triathlon and rugby in the UK, and even a baby-crawling race in The Bahamas. Sport is the essence of every society, and one of the best ways to understand its culture. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Although my phisical ability to compete has decreased, the sporting spirit remained with me, and the desire to follow sportsman achievements has further increased. I have started to organize competition formats around sports events, together with long-dated friends. As our small group grew slowly, our gatherings increased substantially, and sport results became less important.

Friendly Match was conceived to celebrate life, was developed for everyone, and to bring people together no matter their differences, the distance or hurdles in between. Celebrate life with a sporting spirit, together with the ones we love!